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Shopping for a Cause! With Ellis Jaxon Farms…

Hi Loves!!

You can tell that I LOVE SHOPPING!! But I love it even more now that I can shop and at the same time contribute to a good cause! (Please tell my hubby I had a good reason when he gets the CC statement LOL)

That is why I am really excited to share with you about an amazing fundraiser my hubby and Global Sweets, the company he represents have been partnering with, I am talking about Ellis Jaxon Farms.

They also partnered with Colby’s Army to create this social experiment that started as a crazy idea but now is a reality that has been helping kids and families in need to have a better and healthier nutrition, with the firm purpose of stoping our country’s hunger crisis.

They are not only feeding or funding programs, but teaching children how to cultivate their own veggies and fruits using hi-tech  vertical farming systems to grow their own food at school, with this they also get access to healthier choices in their cafeterias.

To keep the production going the school sells a portion of the food to local markets, and even share food with homeless and families in need. Isn’t that amazing? 

You can be part of this movement and make a difference! This is how it works… To get funds and keep on going they have their online store where they sell amazing stuff (I just got myself a hand-crafted candle with a delicious peach scent!!!) you can find products like food, snacks, drinks, home and beauty items, and much more, everything of the highest quality, but here is the deal, they have NO PRICE! Crazy Isn’t?

Ok, so they do not have a price point but they tell you the retail price for the product and you make an offer. Here is where the experiment begins, now it is up to your heart and goodness to say how much can you help with. It is as simple as this, they love to help, they want no profit for themselves but if the minimum expenses for the fundraiser can’t be fulfilled they will need to close…

I love how faithful they are, and how they strongly believe that there is still goodness in people, check out their store and make a difference while you shop! Remember that when you share your blessings God will send them back to you multiplied!


Johana Flo



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