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Super Mom, Super Tired!!

We had an amazing day Yesterday!!! I don’t even think I got enough pics because we were really busy having fun

Actually, one of the reasons that inspired me to blog lately, is the desire of having more fun with my kiddos, and sharing our experiences with you makes me think of what would we do in our next adventure, so basically it keeps me in creative mode hahaha.

If you are a mom, Have you had the feeling of life happening so fast? Just a blink and your babies are not babies anymore, tell me about it, my son (baby…shh!) Carlos is graduating from Elementary school in just a couple of weeks, OMG… And there is also that my hubby has been traveling really often because of work, and so I’ve been feeling that our kiddos need more time with us, real quality time. So we got the snacks (not precisely healthy, my bad!) and my day off #OOTD ready to play all day!

We had a picnic at the park, fought water wars, played soccer, blew bubbles, went to the pool, had a pizza party, piano practice and Movie Night at home was still going on as I was writing!! Well now you know the reason why I am so tired LOL (Oh! I almost forgot, of course we had our daily dose of “Ryan’s Toys Review” Andy is obsessed with this cute little YouTuber).

I hope you enjoy the pics and get ideas to keep your little and not so little ones entertained in this coming summer vacation (May the force be with you! LOL).

Please!! Share your ideas (preferably on a budget!) to keep the fun going all summer long!!


Johana Flo


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