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Afternoon at the Beach!!

I usually get Mondays off from work, yesterday was really sunny here in San Diego and I realized that I am always thinking about going in vacation and not paying attention to how blessed we are to live here in California, with the amazing weather and lots of beautiful and fun places to visit.

We decided on going to Coronado Beach and the kids got really excited, since we don’t do it that often. We packed sunblock, towels (including the cutest round beach towel my cousin gave me in watermelon shape), some toys and a couple of snacks and made our way there…

I was driving the scenic highway enjoying the breathtaking views and talking with my kiddos about how perfect is God’s creation, we are often so busy and living so fast that we forget to appreciate and be thankful for all we have.

We got there actually a bit after 3pm and the weather was just perfect! Our beaches are usually cold here in California but Yesterday the water temp was just on point.

We had so much fun running in the beach, got to build a sand castle (At least we tried LOL), a crow was trying to steal our snacks, but my favorite part is that I get to spend the best time with my babies, just missing my hubby because he is now on a business trip, hopefully soon we can go again all together.

Try exploring amazing places in your own town, and let me know how was your experience! If you know a place in San Diego that I must visit don’t forget to leave comment


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